Sunday, June 28, 2020

Novel corona virus $ faq


This is a group of viruses that leafs to a number of illness. Most commonly cold and respiratory related diseases.  Common diseases include severe Acute respiratory syndrome and middle east respiratory syndrome.

What is the  novel coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus identified as (CoV) is a type of coronavirus strain that has never been identified to affect human before. This only means the novel coronavirus is mostly found in animals.

Are humans at the risk of being infected with novel coronavirus?

It's important to know that corona viruses are quite many. While other have been identified others have not. Test and great surveillance have been put to place to identify any new corona virus. However in terms of transmission to humans the answer is not definite. Previously in 2002 in China humans got infected with SARS-CoV that originated from civet cats. In 2012 saudia arabia identified MERS-CoV that's was from camels. However, it's important to know there are very many corona viruses circulating in animals and have not infected any humans yet. That only means humans are safe from the novel coronavirus.

Are the symptoms the same with all coronavirus?

Different corona viruses have different symptoms. However, most of them seems to share a number of symptoms.

The most common corona virus symptoms include;

  • Shortness in breathing

  • Cough

  • Fever rise

  • Respiratory infections

  • Pneumonia when severe

  • Kidney failure

  • severe acute respiratory syndrome


Do all type of Corona viruses including novel be transmitted among people?

Novel corona virus has not been identified in humans so far. However in the case an incident is reported it can easily be transmitted from person to person. It's not a Yes or No question. While some corona viruses can be transmitted from one person to another other cannot.

Is there a vaccine for a novel coronavirus?

The novel corona virus is just a newly discovered virus. As of now there is not vaccine that has been developed. Actually, it may take a while before a vaccine is discovered. Some vaccines may take years. This is the case of Covid-19

Can novel corona virus be treated?

Yea, Novel corona virus can be treated however there is no specified type of treatment. Treatment is done based on the symptoms the patient is showing. That's means a patient is treated as per the symptoms. 

What protection measures can be taken?

Protection measures have to do with the hygiene. Most of coronavirus are normally spread via contact. This is the same for novel corona virus. To ensure one is protected from the virus they need to consider high hand hygiene. It's also important to keep social distancing especially to people sneezing and coughing.

Who are at a more high risk of contracting Novel corona virus?

The health workers are considered to be at the highest risk. This is mainly because of their constant contact with patients while they offer treatment. Health workers are advised to always ensure proper hygiene. While Corona viruses mostly affected people which other conditions and old age we cannot completely rule out anything. Corona viruses spread at a very fast rate and could infect and person across all ages. 

What is the main symptoms associated with novel corona virus?

Although the symptoms may actually be the same as for other corona viruses the respiratory infections is key. WHO advises close monitoring of conditions of acute respiratory infections (SARI). Pneumia is also a key symptoms especially in severe cases.

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