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Smartphones in kenya


The best android smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya.Among the latest trendy smartphone is the iBrit alpha.

It’s comes with a great number of exclusive features.

  •  To start of is the 5.0” display screen. 
  • The screen also facilitates multi- touch ability.
  • Apart from that is the unique operating system. The phones operate on android 7.0 nougat. 
  • This ensures you only enjoy first experience browsing and unlimited number of pages at a go. 
  • The camera is also fit and value for money.
  •  On the back also called rear camera is an 8.0Mp strong. 
  • Selfies are also taken care of with an 5.0 MP.

  •  The camera, ensures a chance to enjoy document viewer. Also enjoy entertain with the following 
  • ; photo/video editor,DiVX/XviD/MP4/H.264 player.

  •  Other supported features are WLAN:WI-FI ,Hotspot. 
  • Vibration, 
  • panorama
  • , face detection
  • ,touch focus and geo-tagging among the features. Amazing features for smartphones in kenya below 15k , more specifically smartphones in kenya under 5k, or smartphones in kenya below 5k
The IBRIT ALPHA currently costs kshs 4,799
2. Leagoo Z6
smartphone in
Among the most influential smartphone brands. The best Leagoo android smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya. 
  • One outstanding feature is the nice curves and edges. The Leagoo Z6 has a nice screen display of 4.97”. 
  • The screen is the WVGA type. This ensure clarity and atmost performance.

  •  Camera is among the main focus on any phone and this they have taken care of.
  •  On the rear/ back camera is a 5.0MP camera. 
  • It also has a selfie camera in place with a 2.0 MP. To ensure you always enjoy the music, photos and document handling is a powerful battery. 

  • The phone has 2000mAh battery. The battery is Non-removable.
Apart from camera the phone has the best of network support. 
  • It runs on the GSM
  • ,WCDMA network. 

You will also enjoy very fast browsing experience with an MTK6580M CPU.
Also enjoy the amazing Gravity sensor, proximity sensor. The phone also gives access to wireless connectivity with the WI-FI feature. The Leagoo z6 currently costs kshs 4,999 

Among the leading ViWA smartphones is the i7. The best viwa android smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya. It not only has a friendly prices but exclusive features. 

To start off is the nice size that perfectly accommodates a 4.0” screen.
  •  The screen is super clear offering the best visual experience.
  •  It is a WVGA screen type. The smartphones super speed will surely catch your attention. 
  • It has in place an Android Marshmallow operating system. 
  • This also facilitates operating a number of sites. To add to that is the 1.3 GHz Quadcore
Camera is not left behind. 
  • You will enjoy nice picture with clarity from the back/rear camera of 2.0MP. 
To take care of your selfie needs is a 0.3MP front camera. 
The smartphones is dual sim to help separate work contacts from family.
  •  Keep connected with the amazing 1500 mAh battery. 
The smartphone is Dual sim. It is among the most affordable Android smartphones under kshs 5000 in kenya. It costs kshs 3,199 

This is one of the best android smartphones under kshs 5000 in Kenya to own. 
It’s size is good enough for both hand bags and also pockets. If you are in search for convenience this is surely one device you will enjoy.
  •  It’s exclusive design is fine. With nice edges in place. The first feature is a 4.0” screen.
  •  Although it is in a small size it’s processing ability is just amazing. 
  • It operates on central processing unit(CPU) of Quadcore 1.3 GHz. 
  • The operating system is Android 6.0. This is among the latest android version. This ability enables one to open up to 5 pages simultaneously. This is done without the phone experiencing challenges.
To take care of your photo needs are powerful pixels in place. 
  • On the front/selfie camera is 0.3MP.
  •  On the rear/ back camera is a strong 2.0 MP. 
To ensure you have enough space for photos, music and documents is the internal memory.
  •  The ROM is 8GB while the RAM is 1GB. The phone also facilitate long uptime with a powerful 3000mAh battery. Currently you can buy this phone at only kshs 4,499 
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

X-TIGI is not a new phone in the market. It has stood the test of time. This is mainly because of performance.
 The phone can operate a number of year without any faults. The V11 is big enough with a 5.0” screen. 
  • You will also enjoy the screen experience as it is the FWVGATN screen type.
  •  The screen facilitates a nice experience of all colours. Apart from that you also enjoy a nice experience taking photos.
For this is a rear/ back camera of 5.0MP. For selfie matters you are not forgotten. Enjoy 24/7 selfie experience with a nice 2MP front camera. 
  • The phone gives you access to Wi-Fi, blue tooth ,hot spot and mp3 and mp4 player.
  • To ensure you enjoy every moments is a nice 1GB RAM.
  •  In terms of the ROM is 8GB. Among the best android smartphones under kshs 5,000 in Kenya. Get to enjoy this amazing features at only kshs 4,999 
6. ViWa P1
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

ViWa is among the most affordable brand. It however sets the pace in terms of quality. Apart from that its performance is all superb.
 The ViWa P1 is no different. It is among the best performing android smartphones under kshs 5000 in Kenya. The smartphone has a nice small size. 
  • This features always the placement of a nicely fitted 4.0” screen. 
  • To ensure that you only experience the best speed is the Quadcore. 
  • The android operating system is also another factor. The ViWa P1 operates on Android 6.0. This only means you can open a number of pages simultaneously.
The camera will also impress you.
  •  The rear/back camera is a 2MP.
  •  On the selfie/ front camera is a 0.3MP with flash. 
  • The ROM is 8GB while the RAM is 512 MB.
 You also get a chance to have two sim support. The phone is Dual sim. To ensure you don’t run out of power is a 3000 mAH battery.
This amazing smartphone will only cost you kshs 3,699
7. Hisense
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

Among the best smartphone players. They are mostly associated with TVs although they out did themselves. 
The Hisense smartphone is sure full of surprises.
  •  It has in place a nice 5.0” screen.
  •  This ensures you enjoy easy visibility. The phone operates on 3G network and specifically the WCDMA.
In terms of speed in operating you need not worry. 
  • First is a one of its kind chipset Quadcore system. 
  • It is also boosted with a 1.2 GHz processor.
  •  To ensure you are not limited to access of content is android 6.0 the marshmallow type.
Apart from just a fast experience you can just enjoy taking selfies.
 Hisense helps keep memory intact. 
  • This is done by rear / back camera of 5.0 MP it also has a flash. 
  • For front / selfie camera is a 2.0MP.The camera facilitates a nice experience for video recording. 
  • This is at 720P@30FPS. Also has Gravity sensor. The phone is dual sim. You also enjoy life long battery support with a 2000 mAh. This amazing phone costs only kshs 4,699 
8. Oukitel C9
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

Although it is not common it is good. If you are looking for unique device this is one. The phone has a unique display feature. First feature is a . 
You will also enjoy great surfing speed with the highest speed experience.
  •  This is made possible with an extra ordinary CPU system.
  •  The central processing unit is a Quadcore 1.3 GHz system. 
  • To ensure you can adjust to as many pages as possible is Android 7.0 Nougat.
Has extra special features;
  •  Geo-tagging, 
  • Beautification effect, 
  • panorama and Auto focus.
 The camera is also perfect when travelling or capturing random photos.
  •  On the primary / rear camera is 8MP. 
  • For selfie and front camera purposes is 2 MP. Apart from that you can access Wi-Fi, blue tooth and GPs. 
The smartphone supports Dual sim.
 To ensure enjoy music, photos and document editing is a 2000mAh. You can get this incredible phone for only kshs 4,499 
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

This is not the common type of smartphone. It has among the best operating system. 
One of its best advantages is the fact that it operates on the latest android version. 
  • Yes, that’s right. It operates on android 7.0. This is among the reasons why it offers very fast browsing experience.
  •  The other feature that boosts its performance is Quadcore 1.2 GHz.
  •  The memory feature also comes in handy. The RAM is 1GB while the ROM is 8GB.
If you love having two sim cards in place this device will come in handy. 
  • It supports Dual sim. Apart from that it has great sensor ability.
  •  This is the Gravity sensor and GPS sensor. 
  • The phone also ensure your photo need is taken good care of. This is made possible with a rear/back camera of 2.0 MP. For selfie/Front camera is 2.0MP.
You will also enjoy a number of features. 
  • These are; video recording, yes MS office format; Excel,PPT, word music.
  •  The other incredible features are browser, calculator,calendar,GPS,FM and E-book. You can grab this amazing hander for only kshs 4,100
10. FERO 4001 PLUS
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

Fero is quite known for its great smartphones. To add to their collection is this newly launched phone the FERO 40001 PLUS. 
It is among the best android smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya. To add to its amazing features is great performance speed. The design is also one of a kind. You must get this phone.
  •  The first convenience offered is a nice size. If you love small handsets this is one. It has a nice screen of 4.0”. 
  • The first feature is ability to have two sim cards in place. The phone is Dual sim.
Although it has a small screen size its speed if just incredible. 
  • It operates on a 1.2 Ghz Quadcore operating system. Apart from speed the phones facilitates heavy and long time research. 
  • This is made possible with android 6.0 system. 

  • To ensure you enjoy your photo experience is a back/rear camera of 2.0MP. 
  • Also take as many selfies as you want with 0.3MP front camera.
The RAM and ROM will not let you down.
  •  The RAM is 512MB.
  •  The ROM Is 8GB.
  •  It also has additional features like the Wi-Fi, EDGE and GPRS.
To ensure you fully enjoy all these features is a 2500 mAh battery. 
This amazing gadgets is among the most advisable android smartphones under kshs 5000 in kenya. Get it for only kshs 4,444 
11. ELEPHONE P 6000
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

To start of is the sensor ability.
 For the price it goes for it’s sensor as an advantage. Enjoy the light sensor and the proximity sensor. 

  • This makes it rated among the most searched for android smartphones under kshs 5,000 in Kenya.
  •  Operates with a nice speed due to its processor. The Elephone P 6000 operates on a Quadcore processor.
  •  More specifically is a 1.5 GHz speed.
What comes as a looked out for feature is the camera. Samsung always have an impressive camera. The Elephone P 6000 has its rear camera from Samsung makers. 
  • Yes, it’s a 13.0 MP Samsung camera. 
  • On its front camera is a 2.0 MP. The smartphone offers the best video vision available. 
That is because of the back Samsung camera. To ensure you don’t fall out of power is a 2700 mAh battery.
Other amazing features are
  •  Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth,GPS and GSM.
  •  Also enjoy having 2 sim cards in place. It has a Dual sim feature. Get this amazing device for only kshs 4,700

12.Generic M5

Among all the smartphones in the market this has the most outstanding processor.
 We would define it as the pace setter in terms of the operating system. While most smartphones use Quadcore this smartphone has gone an extra mile. 
  • It has an exclusive Eight-core operating system. 
  • More specifically its referred to as the ARMv7. 
  • Another amazing feature is the GPU that is in place. 
  • It is the Mali-400 MP. Also enjoy the fastest speed ever that is 2.0 GHz. 
Do not worry much about the memory needs.
  • t’s sorted the RAM Is 1GB.
  •  On the other side the ROM is 8GB.
 This amazing phone also facilitates document editing. You also enjoy any available music format on earth. 
You can play Mp3 and Mp4 with much convenience. This is among the best smartphones under kshs 5000 in Kenya. It goes for only kshs3,977
13. ITEL 1408
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

Operating on an incredible android system is ITEL 1408. 
This phone will always impress your every day surfing. If you are looking to express convenience. 
  • This is it. It has the perfect size of only 4.0”. This screen ensure you enjoy nice visibility. You also got to love its operating platform. 
  • The ITEL 1408 operates on Android 5.1 lollipop system. This is among the best android smartphones under kshs 5000 in Kenya.
The size is not a limitation to any social platform. 
  • You get a chance to enjoy WhatsApp, palm chat and Facebook.
  •  With all these social media power what you need is power. This smartphone offers a 3000 mAh battery. 
Apart from that get to enjoy some selfie moments with the incredible camera.
  •  On the back/rear is a 5.0Mp. 
  • On the front camera is a 2.0 MP camera. The smartphone can also accommodate any type of music format comfortably. You will also enjoy the convenience of document editing.
You can get this smartphone at kshs 4,999
14. Homtom HT 16
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

Has among the best camera for that specific price.
  •  The front camera is 2.0 MP(SW 5.0MP). 
  • The 5.0 MP offers quite the best experience in selfies. 
  • The rear camera is also nice. It meets the standard performance as its 5.0MP(S W 8.0MP). Also has incredible sensor features. 
That is the Gravity sensor and the proximity sensor. Apart from that you will also enjoy the memory capacity in place.
  •  The RAM is 1 GB while the ROM is at 8GB.
The operating system is one of the best.
  •  It operates on Android 6.0 system.
  •  The central processing unit CPU is supported by MTK6580.
  •  It runs on a Quadcore 1.3 GHz. 
If you love having two sims enjoy the Dual sim support feature. The other incredible features are the GPS, A-GPS and off-screen gestures.
This amazing device goes for only kshs 5000 
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

Operating on the best band in place. It runs on the MTK6572 Band GSM 900/1800. 
This only means you enjoy the best browsing experience. The best display is in place. For those people who love wide screen viewership.
  •  It has a 5.0” screen. The mate 9 is a Dual sim. This means you can enjoy two sim cards in place without struggling much.
The MATE 9 also accommodates camera features. 
  • On the front camera is 30W.
  •  On the back/ rear camera is 30W. This means you enjoy the best photo experience. This is photo redefined.
 The phone also supports WAP, MMS,SSM ,GPRS, Wi-Fi and flashlight. It also has the ability fro document editing.
 To facilitate all these features is a powerful 1400mAh battery. Get this top android smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya for only kshs 4928
16. Safaricom Neon kicka
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

The smartphone came as among the first incredible phones from Safaricom in Kenya. 
  • The Safaricom neon kicks offers the best performance. It has a nice shape and design. It’s size of screen 3.5”.
  •  The screen is unique and accommodates a display of all colours with high definition view. It’s screen offers 320×480 pixels.
  •  This are a sure way to ensure you get the best of display. 
Another key factor is the operating system. 
  • The smartphone operates on the Android 4.4 kitkat. 
  • Another major factor is the core processor which is a 1.0 GHz. Considered among the best performing android smartphones under kshs 5000 in Kenya.
The kicka has a
  •  RAM of 512 MB and a ROM of 4GB. 
  • It also facilitates photo moments with a 2.0MP camera. 
To also ensure that you enjoy every feature is a 1400 mAh lithium battery. Currently this smartphones sells at kshs 3,799
17. Generic Hot R9 MINI
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya
Just as its name Generic suggest this is a super smartphones. The first thing to capture your attention is the nice look it has. 
  • The smartphone has a nice display of 5.0”. Also check on its camera.
  •  For this first time with a unique camera of its kind. 
  • The camera pixels is 30W+200W. 
  • The smartphone also facilitates Dual sim. This means you can switch from personal to private contacts at convenience. 
Also check on the battery which is a 1400 lithium ion battery. Among other features are
  •  Gravity sensor, Gps, world clock, voice recorder, Mp3/Mp4/3Gp/Bluetooth,WAP/MMS/GPRS.
You also get a chance to enjoy the best of music with a 1511 box speaker. Get this amazing smartphone at only kshs 4,862 
18. Generic Hot M5 Mini
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya

Operating on an android Os 4.0 it sure is to give you the best performance.
  •  The camera is unique and only offers 30W+200 W. This means you enjoy fast streaming and document handling.
  •  To boost its performance is the GSM 900/1800. This is among the best frequency for quick and strong signals.
Apart from that the Generic Hot M5 Mini has a number of good features. 
These are as follows;video recording,
  •  WAP, MMS/GPRS, World clock, Tasks and E-book. 
  • You can also enjoy sharing music, videos ,files and photos via the blue tooth platform.
In terms of sensors the smartphone has the Gravity sensor in place. 
  • You can enjoy any music form from mp3 and Mp4. 
  • Also view any type of document that is pdf, docs, word and this at a fast speed. Also enjoy document editing. This amazing smartphones is among the leads in android smartphones under kshs 5000 in Kenya. The phone currently retails at only kshs 4928 
19. Generic cheap ! M5
smartphone under kshs 5000 in Kenya
Just as the name suggests its among one of the most affordable smartphones.
  •  This smartphone is quite cheap and costs below kshs 5000. It’s actually among the most marketable android smartphones under kshs 5000 in Kenya. 
Get the Generic cheap! M 5 for a more relaxed and stylish lifestyle. 
The smartphones operates on a very high processing power. It’s quite fast due to its Eight core ARMv 7.
  •  A
part from that is the 2.0GHz. You simply can get any better than this operating system. Enjoy fast browsing experience.
To facilitate good experience in music, videos , photos and calls is a Gpu ;mali-400mp. You will also enjoy a nice memory available. The memory is of RAM 1GB and a ROM of 8GB. Offers among the best calls and SMS reception with a Network frequency GS. Get this amazing handset for only kshs 3,972.

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